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1921 HERMANN RORSCHACH Psychodiagnostik Ink Blot Plates


RARE! Copyright Dated 1921 HERMANN RORSCHACH Ink Blot Plates. 10 Plates inside, Outside box/sleeve says




Medizinischer Verlag

Hans Huber, Bern

Medical Publisher

Distributors for the U.S.A.

Grune & Stratton Inc., New York, N.Y.

(Printed in Switzerland)

(NOTE :Additional items tucked inside of INK BLOT envelope If you do not wish to have the paper tucked inside let me know when you purchase as Im a collector of old photos and paper so would like it to go to a person who may appreciate it) Also tucked inside the cardboard sleeve to hold the ink blots were several sheets of paper, appears to be notes and the writing of possibly a paper? I have no idea who this belonged to and who the notes and paper were done by but figure they are old also just from the paper and the typing text) Hand written notes scribbled on paper and then a typed up 3 page paper with notes in pencil on it. The paper is about Men and sports cars, midlife crisis talk and what a new sports car does for a man. Mentions the name "Warren Shiber, 26 yr old designer of a new sports car the "Rockefeller Yankee". Also says things like "The middle age businessman's fear of losing his virility accounts for this boom..."  and also reads "The man who feels he is deteriorating buys himself a natty little car and wears it along with an ascot and bold sports jackets, maybe adding the touch of a beret. The garbed, his attire proclaims him youthful, daring and dangerous" and Warren says "the guy who reached that dangerous age might affect a scented pomade and take up with a chorus girl or pinch the upstairs maid. Not because he was really interested, but reassure himself that there's life in the old boy yet."( The Rockefeller Yankee was a car from the 1950s.)

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